Risk and Fleet Asset Manager

Jun 07, 2018

Risk and Fleet Asset Manager

Youngstown/Boardman Area

Manages the risk, operation, and maintenance of the organization’s fleet assets. Provides guidance to drivers after an accident.  Works to continually improve the safety of the organization’s fleet. Maintains and improves the GPS program. Oversees DOT compliance and reporting. Manages the fleet vehicles from acquisition to disposal. Develops and maintains outside vendors and service providers relationships.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Accident Management

  • Provides guidance to drivers and management to reduce accidents
  • Acts as the first point of contact for fleet drivers after an accident
  • Guides the driver through the situation
  • Reports incidents to insurance broker
  • Acts as primary contact for insurance broker until claim is closed


Risk Management

  • Review MVR’s at least annually to confirm drivers meet requirements
  • Guides the drivers in best practices
  • Determining fleet drivers in need of additional training from GPS data
  • Discovering safer vehicles or aftermarket add-ons that can reduce the company’s exposure


Administrative Duties

  • Insure Vehicle Titles and Registrations are up to date and driver licenses are current
  • Review fuel expenditures for accuracy and appropriateness
  • Review and Sign off on 2+ million annual spend


GPS Program

  • Maintain accurate records of 250+ GPS units and vehicle assignments
  • Review reports to identify non-conformance
  • Coordinate with GPS Company to mitigate and reduce non-conformance
  • Manage an assistant’s monitoring of personal use of fleet vehicles
  • Manage an assistant’s monitoring of cell control devices used in vehicles


DOT Drivers Logs Files

  • Complete onboarding DOT driver log files
  • Maintain updated driver files
  • Review driver logs for compliance
  • Monitor ELD system for accuracy and compliance


Vehicle Acquisitions

  • Coordinate with management to assess vehicle needs
  • Order or locate vehicles
  • Receive and up fit vehicles
  • Coordinate distribution
  • Determining lead time and providing short-term solutions to vehicle needs


Vehicle Maintenance

  • Decide between repair and replacement for vehicles with maintenance needs
  • Review repair recommendations cost and necessity
  • Manage and expedite necessary repairs to reduce downtime
  • Insure proper routine maintenance of existing vehicles


Vehicle Disposal

  • Determine when vehicles are ready to be retired
  • Locate and retire used vehicles


Discover, vet, and continually evaluate existing vendor relationships. Work with outside vendors for best prices and safer vehicles

Send Resumes to:  Walter C. Fluharty, Psy.D., SPHR, CEES  Vice President – Environmental Health and Safety & Organizational Development  Phone: 330-629-7663 ext 1121   Email: wfluharty@simonroofing.com